Dr. Mateusz Gola

Dr. Gola holds an Associate Professor of Psychology position at the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and an Associate Research Professor at the Institute for Neural Computation at the University of California in San Diego. 

His main research expertise is neuroscience of behavioral addiction, especially compulsive sexual behaviors (e.g. problematic pornography use, excessive paid sexual behaviors or risky sexual behaviors). 

Dr. Gola graduated from Clinical Psychology (2007) and Cognitive Neuroscience (2011) programs at the University of Social Sciences & Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. In 2017 he completed a research fellowship at Yale School of Medicine.  He has been working as a psychotherapist since 2009 and obtained licenses of Polish and European Societies of  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. 

Dr. Gola co-founded PredictWatch Inc, a company developing technologies supporting addicts in maintaining abstinence and allowing for early prediction of relapses using mobile devices. He also authored 3 patent applications and over 120 scientific publications in such journals as: “Lancet Psychiatry”, “Nature Neuropsychopharmacology”, “Journal of Behavioral Addictions” or “Journal of Sexual Medicine” and other. 

His work contributed to the understanding of neural and psychological mechanisms underlying problematic pornography use. His personal goal is to help as many addicted individuals as possible by developing and providing effective and personalized treatment methods.


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