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Psychological consultations and psychotherapy via the Internet. In terms of effectiveness, it does not differ from traditional meetings in the office.

However, the form of meetings is a bit different. First of all, meetings can be held from anywhere (e.g. my own apartment or holiday home). The aspect of greater independence as to where to meet is especially helpful for people who do not have access to professional help at home or who travel frequently. However, it is important to remember in this context the necessary comfort of the meeting.

The place where you will hold an on-line meeting should guarantee your comfort and anonymity.
It is worth paying attention to whether:
– no one will disturb during the meeting
– it is possible to freely talk about difficult and personal topics (no unauthorized person hears what you are talking about)
– the quality of the internet connection is good enough (you can test it here: and it should be at least 0.5 Mb / s, i.e. 500 Kb / s).


Meetings are held via the Zoom communicator, which is free for you. The professional version of the zoom (paid for by the therapist) offers the greatest security. All connections are encrypted and the software meets all personal data protection criteria required by the American HIPAA standards and the European GDPR standards.

After arranging and paying for the meeting, you will receive an individual link to the meeting with an access password to the e-mail address provided. Please keep this information private and do not share it with anyone. On the day of the meeting at the agreed time, all you have to do is click on the link provided and connect with the therapist.

Canceling visits

Meetings can be canceled up to 24 hours before the appointment by sending an e-mail with the title “Cancellation of the meeting” to the address If canceled at least 24 hours before the meeting, the unused fee will be transferred to the next meeting. In the event of cancellation less than 24 hours before the date of the visit, the amount paid is not refundable, and cannot be used for other services..


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